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About Craft

Hand dyed combed top in dusky rose and slate blue by Sycamore Fibers

Our Handmade Policy

[UPDATED] With a careful checks-and-balances system of accessible onboarding, consistent labeling, incentivized peer verification, and swift action on community reporting. we believe our draft Handmade Policy will stop bad actors and encourage authentic artisans.

Word Cloud graphic of the most-used words from the handmade survey. Most prominent are POD, Handmade, design, and artisan.

Handmade Survey Results

In this post, we’re sharing the results of our “Handmade Definition Survey” for our handmade cooperative marketplace.

Word graphic: Handmade Definition Poll: Help us define what handmade means to our cooperative marketplace

Handmade Definition Survey (10-15 Min)

We created a survey to learn your opinions on what kind of artisans and products to include on the Artisans Cooperative handmade marketplace. In this post, we’ll talk about why we developed a “handmade” definition survey, and give the background on how the poll was developed.