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Shop the Cooperative Fundraiser

Water Bottle with a Hand Knit Cozy Featuring the Artisans Cooperative Logo Stitched Into the Knitting Pattern

This is a mutual-aid fundraiser for Artisans Cooperative, promoting the work of our incredible artisans and presenting shoppable merchandise to raise funds for the co-op.

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We’ve asked artisans who make physical goods to host special, limited-edition versions of their craft on their own stores and websites. The items relate to the co-op in some way, such as using our fabulous chicken motif or color palette.

Don’t worry, this isn’t “for exposure”– we respect the cost of artisan labor and materials. We’ve asked artisans to decide for themselves how much to donate and how much to keep from each sale. After the sale, artisans then donate the fundraised amount to the co-op via our PayPal. Artisans can share their fundraising progress with their own communities, and we will be transparent about the total amount of funds raised on our Ko-fi page.

As a self-hosted fundraiser, you are shopping directly with the artisans, who will take good care of your order, including communication, fulfillment, and shipping.


In alphabetical order. Click on any link to jump to item:

More Items Needed

Welcoming more artisans to our mutual-aid fundraiser.

Learn more in our blog post, Items Needed for Mutual Promotion Fundraiser.

buttons $3

  • Hosted by DavesDeadThings
  • Shop now on Etsy:
    • This 1.25″ pinback button features an adorable chicken design and goes for a good cause – for each sale, half of the proceeds are donated to a co-op dedicated to building a creative marketplace for all. The chicken design featured on the pin is a play on the word co-op, which can be written as “coop” – hence the chicken theming!
    • Each pin comes on a small card for safe shipping and is handmade.
A pile of 1.25" Finback Buttons with the Artisans Cooperative Chicken Mascot in a Woman's Hand Against a Fabric Backdrop for an Artist Fundraiser on a Furry Rug


  • Hosted by Walnut Studiolo:
    Walnut Studiolo is a mom-and-pop leather shop on the Oregon Coast making handcrafted original designs from plastic-free quality natural materials.
  • Shop now at
    ~ Un-dyed, natural leather keepsake is inspired by the fun chicken branding of Artisans Cooperative. It is in the shape of an egg, with the co-op’s debossed logo centered like the yolk.
    ~ Includes a keychain-length brass ball chain for versatility: luggage identifier / bag tag, zipper pull or overhead attic / fan cord grabber, ornament, and more!
Leather Luggage Tag with the Artisans Cooperative Logo debossed into the leather (stamped in). Has a brass ball chain and is attached to an orange luggage bag.


  • Hosted by Atypically Artistic:
    Limited by a neurotypical world Miss Thera decided to break the mold and follow the winding path of what a creative business looks like, to her. As an artist with ADHD she created her shop, Atypically Artistic, to give a home to all of her eclectic small batch creations. No niche to be found – Just an ever-changing shop of filled with eclectic crafts and artwork.
  • More fundraising items coming soon.
  • Shop now on Ko-fi:
    ~ A handmade seed bead ring featuring the color palette of Artisans Cooperative brand (blue, teal, light yellow, peach and salmon)
    ~ Made with glass seed beads on a stretchy transparent cord
Seed Bead Ring in Artisans Cooperative Colors Shown on Finger of a Woman's Hand


SOLD OUT! Hand-Knit Coffee Sleeve

  • Hosted by Zonal from Ravelry
  • Sold out on eBay November 2022.
    • “Fly the coop, join the co-op!”
    • Welcome everyone!  This is a fundraiser listing for this handmade knit hot beverage travel sleeve with the Artisans Coop logo.
    • 100% of proceeds for this item will go to the Artisans Coop.

Do you knit? You can get the digital pattern on our Ko-fi page!

Water Bottle with a Hand Knit Cozy Featuring the Artisans Cooperative Logo Stitched Into the Knitting Pattern

About Artisans Cooperative

We are crafting an online handmade marketplace for an inclusive network of creatives.
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