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Check out our most recent blog posts:

  • Introduction to Our discord
    An introduction and user’s guide to the Artisans Cooperative Discord
  • Presenting Our Handmade Policy
    With a careful checks-and-balances system of accessible onboarding, consistent labeling, incentivized peer verification, and swift action on community reporting. we believe our draft Handmade Policy will stop bad actors and encourage authentic artisans.
  • 5 Handmade Gifts for Self Love
    These 5 handmade gifts are all about compassion and self love. Treat yourself or give them to a friend who could use a reminder to be kind to themselves.
  • Artisan Profile: The Beat In Between
    The first in our Artisan Profile series: featuring The Beat In Between. A shop run by Raffi Marhaba, who creates “radical queer things and everything in between.”
  • Presenting Our Ownership Model Canvas
    In this post, we’re presenting our ownership and governance model and explain how it was developed.
  • Handmade Survey Results
    In this post, we’re sharing the results of our “Handmade Definition Survey” for our handmade cooperative marketplace.