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Annual Owners Meeting

The Artisans Cooperative 2024 Annual Meeting

April 26, 2024

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The zoom link, call-in information, and quick-join button will be provided to members by email and this web page 24-48 hours prior to the meeting.


1. Call to Order

1.1 Welcome Remarks

  • Introduction by the President

2. Annual Reports

2.1 A Look Back: President’s Report

  • Overview of the co-op’s performance and milestones over the past year

2.2 Treasurer's Report

  • Presentation of the financial statements for the past fiscal year & fundraiser update

2.3 Back to President: A Look Ahead

  • Big Decisions to Make This Year: Obstacles, & Upcoming Goals 

7. Member Engagement/Q&A

  • A selection of questions submitted prior to the meeting will be highlighted and responded to.

7.1 Member Forum

  • Open discussion for members to share ideas, concerns, and suggestions

8. Closing

8.1 Closing Remarks by the President

8.2 Adjournment


The Annual Owners Meeting will be hosted and recorded on Zoom.

Closed captioning will be enabled and a full transcript will be saved. Presentation materials will be text-reader accessible and contain alt images as appropriate.

One presenter will speak at a time, and those who are not actively presenting or asking a question will be muted. Bots and automated listeners are not welcome in the meeting.

All materials presented during the meeting, including the slide deck, referenced documents, full transcription and recorded video will be made available on this webpage, and provided via email, within 72 hours of the end of the event.

Contribute to the Annual Meeting

Members are able to submit questions, comments and other contributions prior to the annual meeting using the form linked above. The Board will collaborate with Team Leads to review and respond to as many contributions as possible following the meeting. A selection of questions will be highlighted and responded to during the meeting. Team Service will follow up with members whose questions we were able to provide responses to and to follow up on feedback and offers.