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Crocheted Basket Weave Handbag

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Item: A one-of-a-kind 25cmx25cm bag with a single 70cm strap, crocheted in 2021 to appear as though it were woven in the process/service of writing out the bag's crochet pattern. The backside is white, and the frontside is white with a grass-green square in the middle. The stitching around the edges along with the strap are grey. It was made with soft, acrylic* yarn and lots of love.

Quirks: The front side is 1cm shorter than the back, making it closer to 24cm length-wise.

Pricing breakdown**:
  • Material Cost was approximately 3.00€ in total.
  • Platform Fees are approximately 5.50€ in total.
  • Overhead adds 5.00€.
  • Efficient Labor Time is calculated at 6 hours.
  • Actual Labor Time was 8 hours.
  • Efficient Labor Time was used in determining the item price at 5.00€/hour
  • The artist receives well under minimum wage -- in addition to an overhead used solely in the running of this small business -- by choice with the reasoning that, as the item is simple and made with cheap materials, it may not be valued higher by potential customers. 
*The yarn was store-brand and the label was lost; the material may include polyester, but I'm not sure.
**The marketplace currently adds tax automatically based on location; this may change and I unfortunately can't account for it.

Photography provided by Willow Brooke Haze.

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Customer Reviews

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T. (Illinois, United States)
Totally unique

I bought a bag similar to this from this seller. Different coloring. I absolutely love it. It’s perfect for carrying books because it’s very sturdy. I also just love to see it hanging in my hall because it’s so pretty.