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Kitsune fox spirit kami mountain shrine

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Here is a sweet, gentle, and quiet kitsune fox spirit in his beautiful mountain home. It's a little shrine, a little place of refuge: a safe, cosy cave for a little fox to protect him from the chaos of our world. We need such a place, and this little shrine to peace and wilderness can help us to remember that. The mountain shrine is 8.3cm tall, and the fox is 2.3cm tall.

The fox, his mountain cave shrine, and his bowl are made of stoneware. They've been fired once, glazed in a blue-green lead-free glaze for the mountain & bowl and a soft grey for the fox, and raku fired for the beautiful effects of fire and smoke. The fox does fit happily inside his home, but you might just have to turn him sideways slightly to get him in as the shrine took on thickness with its glaze!

Kitsune are the fox-messengers of the Shinto kami Inari Okami: the deity of rice, sake, agriculture, fertility, tea, and prosperity, among other things, kitsune foxes guard Inari shrines and carry his/her messages to us.

Through my work, I hope to bring a little nature, peace, gentleness, and spirit to the world. I make all of my pieces entirely by hand with natural materials.

(I am happy to combine postage on all items. Please message me before you order, and I can create a custom listing. Thank you.)

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