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What our member community is saying...

It has been harder and harder to find authentic and handmade items for years. I hate having to search through 15 pages of dropship shops before finding an actual artist. Artisans Cooperative makes it easy!

Lizzy | Artisan Member

I don't want to line the pockets of large corporations who only look out for themselves. Instead, I want to support the people who are making things and have a small portion go to covering the operational costs of connecting the buyers and sellers. Finally, I want society to be more democratically run and this is one more step towards getting closer to make that a reality.

Adam | Supporter Member

I love that my handmade work has a place among a community of other authentically handmade artisan products. I really appreciate that Artisans Cooperative puts its artisans first. And it’s exactly the marketplace I want to do my shopping in, too.

StellaNCWorks | Artisan Member

Other online marketplaces have become saturated with mass-manufactured items masquerading as “handmade”, creating unfair competition. We need a platform that values the handmade artisan over shareholder profits.

Gokojo | Artisan Member

I think cooperative action is the way forward into the future. And artists and crafters NEED a space that isn't just another venture capital-funded business that only wants to make money for the owners (while also looking for a way "out" via sale of the company, and at the detriment of the users!). So this is exactly the right combination of ideals and beliefs that I've been looking for.

Jack | Supporter Member

I want to be part of a community that celebrates inspiration and creative work and sell my work among others who make things with their hands.

Jennifer | Artisan Member