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~ PHASE I BETA ~ Fundraiser Items Only ~
~ PHASE I BETA ~ Fundraiser Items Only ~


Artisans Cooperative is accepting members!

We’re looking for artisans and supporters who want to choose Fair Tech marketplaces over Big Tech. Join us today as member-owners of a cooperative business. Our marketplace features authentic artisans and products, community management and decision-making, and more profits in the pockets of artisans!

All Artisan and Supporter members get access to a supportive community, the ability to submit proposals, ownership rights, and financial rights (profit-sharing). Plus Artisan members get lower fees and additional marketing benefits on the marketplace.

There is a one-time buy-in cost, with multiple options for payment plans and non-cash options so everyone can afford to join today. Read all the details in our blog post, Membership Drive.

The full cost of membership buy-ins is 1,000 “points” for Artisans and 100 points for Supporters. There are no annual dues/fees; membership is a one-time investment.

Points can be purchased (1 point/US dollar) or can be earned from member activities (such as hanging up flyers or joining a team), sales, purchases, referrals, handmade verifications, and more. Learn more about our Points & Tiers Policy.

Most member activities currently earn 25 points/hour, so undertaking one full time week of member activities (40 hours) in most cases will earn you the 1,000 points you need for membership. Or referring a friend who becomes an artisan member earns you 200 points, so recruiting 5 people is another way to earn 1,000 points! All members must purchase a minimum of 10 points ($10 USD), which is a legal requirement. The rest of the 1,000 points can be from any combination of cash or points-generating activities with the Co-op.

We understand it can feel like a big commitment of time or money to become a member or supporter. Existing members of the Co-op are happy to chat about our experiences with the Co-op if you are trying to decide. Join our Discord and reach out!



Routes to Membership

Alt text for table: Table laying out the options for artisan and supporter memberships. Artisans are 1,000 points or $1000 USD. Supporters are 100 points or $100 USD. They could be paid in monthly installments or there are some examples of mixing points with cash, such as $10 plus 40 hours of member activities for artisans, or $10 plus 1 referral of a new member for a supporter.


"Other online marketplaces have become saturated with mass-manufactured items masquerading as “handmade”, creating unfair competition. We need a platform that values the handmade artisan over shareholder profits."
- Artisan Member

“It’s so difficult to find unique and high-quality goods when marketplaces are filled with mass-produced goods. Artisans Cooperative makes it easy to identify handmade goods and to support artisans directly!”
- Supporter Member

"I love that my handmade work has a place among a community of other authentically handmade artisan products. I really appreciate that Artisans Cooperative puts its artisans first. And it’s exactly the marketplace I want to do my shopping in, too."
- Artisan Member