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Why Handmade: Fair Prices & Shared Ownership

Ownership matters and fair prices matter. That’s why we need to talk about the cost of handmade.

We know: we live in a world where stuff is cheap and disposable. The impacts on the people making that cheap, disposable stuff are hidden from buyers, and are too-easily justified by the temptation of weekly sales, deep discounts, and low, low prices. 

Our marketplace is offering the opposite. Transparency and control for everyone in the shopping process. A mutually-owned cooperative business that supports artisans’ self-owned independent businesses. A shopping experience that directly connects you with real people building a new paradigm for themselves. Fair prices that put more money in the pockets of artisans and dividends for our “Main Street” cooperative business owners: you and me.

On this marketplace, you are not only helping creative, passionate people build a life of self-reliance, you are also getting something incredibly valuable. Handmade items carry special weight and pride among the objects of our lives. And the connection you forge with the artisan during the buying process will be a part of that value. 

Our community has a lot to say on this topic. Let’s talk about the special value handmade objects bring into your life, and walk you through the way artisans have to put a price on the value of their time and materials. 

Read on in our blog, and please share your thoughts with us in the comments: