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2024-04-09 Craft Industry Alliance
The Etsy Strike, Two Years Later





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 2024-03-30 Yahoo! Finance
Mentioned in: Mercari Ends Selling Fees


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2024-02-14 Non-Profit Quarterly
Why Artisans Are Building an Alternative to Etsy



Digits & Thread Magazine Canada Connecting to the Canadian Fibre and Textile Makers

2024-01-17 Digits & Threads
A New Online Marketplace Empowers Makers




MUNDOCOOP NFORMACAOEINSPIRACAOPARAOCOOPERATIVISMO  Fonte:  Fique à vontade para compartilhar o texto, porém não se esqueça de mencionar a fonte.2024-01-13 MUNDOCOOP

Cooperativa estimula mercado internacional de artesãos



Coop News logo: Member-Owned, Member-Led Cooperative News

2024-01-05 Coop News
Artisans Cooperative: Makers making their own marketplace Magazine Logo links to article about The Fall of Etsy and Rise of Artisans Cooperative

 2024-01-04 Spy Magazine
Fall of the House of Etsy



Cover image or logo for Behind the Green sustainability podcast by Limeloop


2024-01-04 Behind the Green Podcast
Personal connection through the arts, crafts, and sustainable choices





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2023-12-13 Modern Retail
Challenger artisan platforms are trying to encroach on Etsy's dominance




Forbes Magazine Logo for article on sustainable shopping choice featuring artisans cooperative

2023-12-08 Forbes
Sustainable Shopportunities for This Holiday Season


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2023-11-20 Shareable
Artisans Cooperative: An Etsy Alternative, Owned and Run by Artists and Makers




Maximum Fun Co-op Podcast Company Logo Showing a Rocket Ship

2023-10-16 Maximum Fun [Podcast]
Co-optober Interview with Artisans Cooperative







2023-10-05 Beta Launch Day!

Benzinga: Announcing the Beta Launch of Artisans Cooperative: A Cooperatively-Owned Handmade Marketplace

eSeller365: The Artisans Cooperative – Another New Etsy Alternative Marketplace, but With an Intriguing Twist

Modern Retail: Rundown: Ride Aid faces delisting, Cooler Screens sues Walgreens & former Etsy sellers launch a competitor

Retail Dive: In challenge to Etsy, Artisans Cooperative marketplace launches

The Sun: Etsy competitor launches rival site with rave reviews saying it’s a better ‘alternative’ for buyers and sellers

Value Added Resource: Artisans Cooperative Launches Handmade Marketplace Beta


Modern Retail Ecommerce News Magazine Logo

2023-09-11 Modern Retail
Quoted: Etsy seeks to drive more organic traffic through “Share & Save” program




Magazine Cover for Stir to Action Magazine Issue #42 Summer 2023

Artisans Cooperative Article in Stir to Action Magazine Summer #42 Issue

2023-06 Stir to Action Magazine #42
The Magazine for the New Economy: Artisans Cooperative






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2023-05-30 Tech Workers Coalition Newsletter
After the #EtsyStrike, Crafting a Co-op Alternative


 online magazine logo for ownership matters dot net

2023-03-26 Ownership
You're Never Too Old to Start a Co-op






The Verge Magazine Logo for article about artisans cooperative

2023-02-10 The Verge
The best Etsy alternatives for selling your crafts




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2023-02 CindyLouWho2 E-commerce Newsletter
Recent News, Resource, and Studies




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2023-01-17 Value Added Resource
Etsy Strike Inspired Artisans Cooperative Gains Support From USFWC & USDA Grant