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There are 6 ways you can support what we're doing:

1. Become a Member-Owner

Invest in the co-op today as member-owner. As an owner, you get financial and governance rights. You can help shape the direction and priorities and get involved in management at any level.
Supporters and Artisans: Learn More about Membership >>>

    Shopping on our marketplace supports our artisans directly and encourages all the members of our cooperative. Plus: you get really cool handmade goods!

    The "Mutual Aid" Fundraiser is a great place to start: buy handmade items specially crafted by our artisans with Artisans Co-op branding, colors, logo, or mascot. Your fundraiser purchases connect you with an artisan and support their careers (artisans decide the donation amount) AND donate funds to the co-op: it's a win-win-win!

      3. Spread the Word

      4. Buy a Gift Card

      A gift card purchase today will help an artisan tomorrow, and the gift recipient will get to learn all about Artisans Cooperative, too!

      Shop Artisans Cooperative Gift Cards >>>

      5. Donate

      Our member voted: we are "bootstrapping" it ourselves through sweat equity. We are managed by unpaid member-owners and operating on sales, small donations and membership investments. Donations help us pay for start-up expenses like domain hosting, email programs, and start-up clinics. We are not a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization - we are a member-owned business, and donations may not be tax-deductible. We cannot provide tax advice.

      6. Join the Community

      • Subscribe to our email newsletter and forward it to friends. Read past newsletters on our archive page.

      • Join the conversation on Discord. Artisans Cooperative uses Discord as our "cafe" - a free social gathering place to engage in real time conversation with text, voice, and video chat. Our future members use it to get to know us and our current members use it as a working engagement platform and work organization tool.

      • Follow and share on social media. 
        We have the handle @coopartisans on: