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Surveys and Polls

We use survey and poll results to guide the co-op’s development.

Current Surveys

Artisan Marketing Support

Artisans: submit your products, marketing photography, and shops for social media posts and blog features (free!)

Register Your Interest

Our interest survey serves as a waitlist, a way to get involved, and a way to provide feedback. Let us know what’s important to you for the cooperative.

Past Poll Results

Email Marketing Survey

October 2023. We conducted a brief survey of our community to help us design a compelling and effective--but not annoying--email marketing campaign for shoppers.
The results:
the most universally compelling reason to open an email is a sale or discount. Our second best opportunities are keeping a strong and likeable brand, fulfilling a particular shopping objective, and educational emails. Clickbait, too many emails, and offputting headlines are the worst things we can do.


[Members Only] Non-Member Sales Commissions

September 2023. Password-protected blog post. Members decide on what to price our non-member sales commission.


[Members Only] Bootstrap vs Capital Investment

August 2023. Password-protected blog post. Members decide whether we bootstrap our launch through self-funding and revenue, or seek significant amounts of outside money (capital).


Volunteer Sign-up

October 2022 – May 2023. Cooperatives are democratic businesses that can compete in this hard world because of our special advantage: people power. In the cooperative spirit of self-help and self-reliance, we relied on an all-volunteer crew to organize and plan the cooperative.

Once membership opened, we transitioned from a volunteer-run organization to a member-run organization. Members can run for and elect leaders and earn “points” for buy-in by signing up for activities on the Member Activities Board. Learn more.

Financial Expectations Survey

April 2023. Our shortest survey yet! We created a survey to learn what costs, commissions, and fees you expect on the Artisans Cooperative handmade marketplace.

This survey is simple and straightforward, and designed for both Artisans and Supporters

Handmade Definition Survey

February 2023. We created a survey to learn your opinions on what kind of artisans and products to include on the Artisans Cooperative handmade marketplace. Help us define what “handmade” means! Poll closed February 26, 2023.

Marketplace Priorities Poll

November 2022 – January 2023. In our quest to develop a fair and inclusive marketplace, we are following the principles of platform cooperativism. One of the most important amongst them, is that the marketplace needs to be designed for and by the people who will use it. The answers to the poll will help guide our Tech Team in what website features take priority and will help artisans solve their problems. Poll closed January 8, 2023.

Name Poll

August 2022. We took this poll in three rounds on Discord in August 2022 after an open brainstorming session. We considered names like Loft, Copia,, Weft, and Agora, but “Artisans Cooperative” won the poll.