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Finger Dex Truncated Icosahedron

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Introducing the Finger Dex Classic - Your Ultimate Finger Bouldering Dexterity Trainer and Fidget Toy! Are you ready to embark on a rock climbing adventure without leaving your desk? The Finger Dex is here to challenge your finger dexterity, motor skills, and creativity. The Finger Dex isn't just for rock climbers; it's a unique fidget toy and tactile desk accessory perfect to keep anyone engaged! It makes an excellent present for anyone who loves a good challenge or needs a creative outlet. Whether you're a kid, teen, adult or an athlete, this unique 3D printed game is designed to keep your fingers busy and your mind engaged.

- Endless Creativity: With the Finger Dex Classic, you're the route-setter. Create your very own climbing routes using the provided holds and challenge yourself with ever-changing obstacles.

- Storage Meets Fun: The hollow body of the Finger Dex Classic allows you to keep your holds safe and sound inside while giving you the ability to add or remove weight to customize your climbing experience.

- Unlimited Challenges: With countless route combinations, you'll never run out of ways to improve your finger bouldering skills. It's the ultimate test of finger strength and agility.

- Route Recording: Take your climbing experience to the next level by using the numbered inserts on the body to record your favorite routes. Challenge your friends and see who can conquer them.

•✧How it's made✧•
- Proudly 3D printed with high quality PLA to ensure consistent and quality production on every order

Each purchase includes:
- 1x Finger Dex "Classic" body (color of your choice)
- 2x 9 hold sets for a total of 9 unique shapes and 18 total holds
- 1x green "start" hold
- 1x red "finish" hold
- 1x keychain and lid removal tool

•✧Processing and Shipping✧•
-Orders will be fulfilled in 1-2 business days
-Shipping times may vary depending on the carrier

Extra Information

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Original Design
•✧Disclaimer✧• - While extensive testing and premium, durable materials are used in making The Finger Dex, care is advised during use. - The holds and lid opening tool are considered consumable items and are at a higher risk of wearing out or breaking quicker than the rest of the Finger Dex. Due to that, Baker Boards gladly offers free replacement parts at no cost! Just send a message to get the replacement sent out. To keep your Dex functioning 100%, it is recommended: - To always have The Finger Dex over a soft surface to reduce the chance of breakage from a fall - To keep no more than 2.5ft of distance between the Finger Dex and the ground - To always remove the lid opener/keychain tool before using the finger Dex
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