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Hand-Poured Candles 4oz

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Hand poured candles, made by Tank!

Reusable glass jars can be reused after the candles are burned down and remaining wax is melted out.

Barn Wood (orange candle) - Fresh Cedar Wood get spicy accents for warm, welcoming appeal in this rustic creation. Earthy tones of patchouli and a hint of rich leather create country accents. Sandalwood is sweetened with exotic amber and soft mosses at the base of the scent, while clean musk surrounds the woody creation

Farmstand Apple (red candle) - Top notes of crisp apple followed by fresh green notes and subtle notes of pear with the sweetness of fresh picked apples.

Sage & Sea Salt (light green candle) - Elegant musk and soft floral top notes boosted by citrus middle notes with sensual woody amber bottom notes.

Woodland Citrus (white candle) - This complex blend of fruit and botanicals opens with citrus and apple for a unique appeal. Rich tones of patchouli and dark woods blend with dried grasses as lingering sweet undertones are created with shimmering amber and creamed musk.

Rose (pink candle) - Red roses freshly cut from the florist with a light woody background.

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Customer Reviews

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Great smells, and carefully packed for shipping

These are really nice little candles! We got the "Farmstand Apple" and "Sage & Sea Salt" scents.

The "Farmstand Apple" smells unbelievably good. I haven't lit it yet, but as-is: if I didn't know I was holding a candle, I'd think I was smelling the sweet flesh of a freshly bitten, perfectly ripe apple.

The "Sage & Sea Salt" scent is a lot more subtle. It's hard to describe, but it is a lovely leafy/herby smell, more like fresh sage than dried. I think that, for me, it will make a very nice calming tea for when I want to relax. (Note: I also like sage teas for relaxing, so YMMV.)

Shipping was prompt, and the items were well packed and padded to protect against damage.