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Intuitive Tarot Reading!

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Do you have a question or situation you would like advice on? Need to see what the energies of a situation are? Want to see if the universe has anything to say to you? Get an intuitive tarot reading from me!

What you will get: A pdf file with a picture of the tarot spread, and my interpretation of them. Bonus Oracle card pull at the end for advice!

I've loved the tarot since I was young, and have really involved myself in learning them. I have several decks, and I will use the one I feel is best for your question. (If you wish, I have pictures of my decks, and you can choose if you want!)

What I will not read: I will not read about other people. Consent is important! I will however read the energies around your relationship with a person. You have to be involved!

I have stated 3-5 days, but will likely get it to you sooner. I do suffer from chronic illness, and want a bit of a buffer if I get a flare-up!
DISCLAIMER: This is for entertainment value only. What you do with my reading is up to you! Remember that you are the most powerful instrument of change in your own life!

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