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Lady Wisdom Figurine

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Lady Wisdom - Binah - Chochmah - Sophia - Minerva - by Leah Kiser. Whatever you call her, She's here by your side. Cast plaster and handpainted, 9" tall, the front depicts the tree of life design featuring a white & grey haired woman with a gold & plumed headdress, wearing an armored vest, with a spear at her side and an owl charm which you can remove and wear yourself if you desire. The spear is removable and can be used as a yad, pointer, or wand. The reverse shows a mystic scene of the golden sun rising from the primeval waters of the deep at creation and a flying dove, with Jupiter above, and a depiction of the actual asteroid named Minerva which is unusually round and has two moons - one of only three known trinary asteroids in our solar system. Surrounding the asteroid are an olive branch and a serpent. Please allow 7-10 days to craft this item before shipping. Item 23050101 If you request customized colors I will email you for details.

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Ceramics & Pottery
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Keep Dry! This is *not* a petrochemical based resin product. It is natural lime plaster.
In-house Production
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Continental US, Alaska & Hawaii - email SacredArtsSales to inquire about overseas (extra charges will apply).
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