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Long Dendritic Opal Teardrop Earrings

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These earrings feature poetic dendritic opals that have been cut into long teardrop shapes, faceted, and framed with gold plated wire so that both sides of the stones can be seen. I've wired them to handmade marquise ear wires in 14K gold-filled.

  • The earrings are app. 2 inches (56mm) long, including ear wires, and 1/2 inch wide (10mm).

Dendritic opals are not the color-playing gems that most of us are familiar with, but a special type of the opaque common opal in which other minerals have crystallized in delicate dark branching patterns (dendrites). These markings can suggest landscapes, roads, tendrils, twigs, or other semi-symbolic objects that seem to tap into our imaginations. (I can't help thinking of them as poetic. I know they're rocks.) Each dendritic opal is unique. Healers use this crystal to help foster a connection with nature, attract abundance, and heal psychic wounds. 

I had a hard time deciding which side of one opal to face front. Side A has a more interesting pattern but a bit of a gray shadow behind it. Side B is a cleaner white which matches the other stone better. I chose Side B for the sake of a more harmonious pair, but you may prefer Side A. In the photos I show both sides of that opal and how each one looks with the other stone. Please select the one you prefer.

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Care: Handle gently. Avoid exposing to chemicals and abrasives like chlorine, bleach, saltwater, and hair spray in order to preserve the 24K gold plating and avoid damaging the delicate shell surface. Remove to sleep, shower, or exercise. To clean the mother of pearl, just wipe gently with a soft damp cloth or tissue. Use a tiny bit of dish soap diluted in water on the gold if needed. Once in a long while you can use a chemically treated jewelry wipe to brighten up the gold, but please use it gently. Store the earrings on an earring rack or in a little bag or box to keep them from getting scratched by other jewelry. Keep away from children.
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