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Makers Only: Cold-Bend Hardwood Touchwood Sample Pack

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For Makers only, but you do not have to be a woodworker to use it. Cold-Bend Hardwood is a proprietary product from artisan Christo Mroz and his woodbending company Pure Timber. There is a lot of information on this material at . Be sure to find all seven pages in the Discovery section, so that when you call with questions, we can have a higher level discussion. Various kit sizes are offered, but this kit contains smaller wood sizes that do not need to be re-sawn and can be used right out of the box for crafts, jewelry, prototypes and getting used to working with bendable wood. If you do have a wood shop with a band saw, consider ordering our larger dimension sample kits or full planks.

Cold-Bend Hardwood is commonly used to make wood jewelry, wood figures, and wood sculptures. Christo uses it to make organic shaped furniture, musical instruments, wood bicycle frames, flooring inlay, woven screens, walls and ceilings, and larger scale organic architectural projects. If you want to see what Christo makes with Cold-Bend Hardwood, look over his site for many hundreds of images and projects. 

You will find that Cold-Bend Hardwood is a magical wood to work with. Many sleepness nights have occurred after a creative person gets their hands on it. No other wood on the planet can do what Christo's compressed wood can do. When you work with it, you'll get the idea that it is more like metal or plastic in terms of the shapes that can be made. But it is 100% solid wood, made flexible by Christo, so you can work it in your hands. BTW, as wonderful as this wood is for creative woodworking, Christo's studio is also pretty cool too, because it is full of his wood organic works in progress. Kind of like Willy Wonka meets Frank Lloyd Wright.

Oh, and the hammer picture? This is how hammers grow on trees. We harvest them, cut apart the two pieces, and then straighten the handles for re-sale. All wood handled hammers all over the world have been made this way:). And if you want, you can make some too for yourself or re-sale.

Here is the full description of the Touchwood Pack:

If you just need to touch some of our wood, this is the place to start. Contains ~4 lbs of compressed hardwood in mixed species, about 24" to 48" long that you can bend in your bare hands. No clamps, or re-sawing required. It is in thicknesses of 1/4" to 1/2" and widths of 1/2" to 1". Bend it in your bare hands. Then let it dry to fix the shape you created. Included in the pack are some Zip ties to allow you to tie up your bent part and maintain its shape for what is usually overnight drying. Remove the Zip tie the next day and the part will stay in its shape. These sample packs are often brought into meetings of designers and architects, or into demos and classrooms. In a demo, about 4 people can get their hands on this material. Order one Touch-Wood pack for every four people to get a feel of bending compressed hardwoods. It'll be the most fun you can have sitting at a boardroom table. I promise.

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