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Makers Only: Corawla Horse Figure DIY Kits: Makes 10 Horse Sculptures

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Designed as collectibles for re-sale by artisans, the Corawla Mustang is a quick to build wood bending project for fund raisers, gallery shops, and craft/art show sales. Wood working skills are not required, but you will need a drill and a small hand saw at a minimum. Finished Corawla figures are about 8" tall, 10" long, and 3" wide.

This 10 mustang kit has bending wood for 10 bodies and 10 legs. No resawing or wood working is necessary. 10 Corawla conchos are included to fasten the legs to the body. Leather fasteners (halter) and Corawla hang tags are also included. This kit contains various wood species - usually ash, oak, cherry, walnut and elm. If you would like to request specific wood species, please use the order notes. Parts to make the giant Corawla Horse in the first picture (18" tall x 24" long) is not included in this kit. Contact for information on the giant Corawla.
Bending is done by hand. If you want to make simple bending forms (from scrap wood), we include the templates for you. After bending, the parts are dried to fix the shape (can be done in a microwave). Use any wood finish including salad bowl / cutting board oil (walnut oil) or wax. Customize with your own version of manes and tails if desired. The suggested retail price for a completed Corawla can range from $60 for a simple variation of bent wood and oil finish, to sky's the limit for dressing them up with manes, tails, swarovski crystals, saddles, reins, custom finishes, custom conchos,... 
Corawla is a brand name of artisan Christo Mroz and his Pure Timber woodbending company. We share the ability to make your own horse figures for personal use or resale with our artisan friends. We hope you will bring it out further into the world and make it your own too. Think of Corawla like a master brand name for a product like Breyer horses or Schleich figures that you yourself take over the building and marketing. When I make one for sale, mine are Corawla by Christo. Yours can be Corawla by Terry/Jill/Jorge...

The name Corawla is adapted from the famous mustang herd called the Corolla Mustangs, descended from the ship wrecked spanish horses and found on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for about the last 500 years. Mustang adoption is possible in the US, but demand lags the current need for mustang homes. The Corawla horse is decidedly easier to care for and cheaper to feed. But one day, some introduced to Corawla horses in their youth, may become mustang care givers later in life. Think about how strong the bond is for those that grew up with their Breyer horse collections.

Pure Timber has a proprietary process to make solid hardwood into hand and cold-bendable bending wood. No steam, soaking, or chemicals are required. Even clamps are not required for these thinner sections used for the Corawla figures. Simply bend the wood to the desired shape, and dry it to fix the shape. The parts are dryable in a microwave is a few minutes, or overnight with heat. A long discussion on bending and drying Cold-Bend Hardwood(TM) is available here... . Look through all seven pages in the Discovery Extreme Wood Bending section.

Corawla Horse Figures can also be purchased complete for $60 each. See our listing under sculpture and woodworking.

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