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MINKY Topped Cloth Pads & Panty Liners - Pink Paisley Minky -

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These washable pads are flexible, breathable, fun, money-and-resource-saving... and they help us be more connected to our cycles, and bodies.

• Ethically handmade in the USA (of domestic and imported material), by Alana & Helen, on a small scale.

• Care instructions included.

✨Cozy Folk has been making cloth pads since 2011. They are comfortable and durable, lasting for years and years... conserving resources while making your crotch feel as fabulous as possible!-- whether used for menstruation, daily wear, or back up to a cup or when you don't know when things are coming! ✨


✨The backing is a soft, leak-resistant, breathable yet highly durable Windpro Fleece, free of harmful chemicals and produced in the USA. The pads are leak-resistant (not leak proof, but better than all-cotton alternatives) and last for years and years. They lay discreetly in snug underwear, pattern-side facing your body.

Absorbency is provided by a Bamboo Fleece core (70% Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton).
-->Our Heavy pads have 2 layers, and Moderate pads have one layer.
-->All three absorbency levels have a cotton flannel backing layer.

The topper fabric varies depending on your preferences (which can be different for different stages of ones cycle). There is more info about topper fabrics on our shop page, but the shorthand is this:

--> Cotton Flannel is the standard natural fiber used in most traditional brands of cloth pads. It is a middle-of-the-road feeling and crotch climate wise, between our other two topper fabrics.
--> Jersey is great for folks who experience gushing, have heavy flow periods and/or a crotch climate that sweats... because the material is very fast wicking. It's also soft, high-quality "eco-jersey" that's made in the U.S.A. with a process that's free of toxic chemicals.
--> Minky is a soft, luscious, non-staining synthetic fabric that stays look and feeling new.

✨If you're new to cloth pads, or don't feel strongly about your fabric preferences, we suggest initially trying more than one fabric type, as well as absorbency levels, and then seeing what you like! 

Cozy Folk cloth pads & liners come in 3 absorbency levels & 5 lengths (plus new thong liners!!). Keep reading for detailed size info and guidelines about how to match your flow <3

6” Light

8” Light - Moderate - Heavy

10” Light - Moderate - Heavy

12” Moderate - Heavy

14” Moderate - Heavy

Thong: Light - Moderate (Limited print availability, with 3 size options: Tiny, Long, or Wider)

(Absorbency combos not listed above can be made on custom request!)

Not sure which pads are right for you?

✨Are you looking for liners? ✨

Then you want light absorbency (L)!

10” is our longest “day” liner. 6” is quite short and work best in snug undies. 8” L is our most popular size- it’s great for spotting, light days, backing up other methods, it is also the favorite size for sneeze incontinence. Many people wear 10”, 8” and 6” liners on a daily basis.

8M and 10M are also great for light wear, or if you’re backing up a cup or tampon and want extra time/protection. 10M is our second most popular size. We can also make our 12 & 14 inch sizes in light, upon request.

✨Wanting to catch a heavy flow ✨

Hit up those heavy pads! 10H is a great day bleeder pad, 8H are a lot less commonly bought, but good for folk who want to bleed heavy and wear tight leggings…. 10H or 12H for longer length or plus size, depending on preference/clothing as well.

12H and 14H are recommended for post-partum.

✨Overnight use ✨

12H and 14H are commonly used as overnight pads. Also, a decent amount of folks experience a lighter flow at night and 12M and 14M can rock that. You may experience both… ah the beauty of pads! Looking to save some money? Try the 2-pad overnight trick: one long moderate pad with a shorter pad snapped over top. You can switch out the top pad but keep reusing the length pad for multiple days.

✨Wanting something in the middle?✨

Our flows often have differing levels throughout our cycle. Some people use menstrual cups or tampons, some people only use pads. Maybe you start off with heavies then taper to moderate and light over the days. Maybe you like to change your pad more frequently so you go with a Moderate and use a "pad wrapper" to switch it out on the go.

More questions? Send us a message.

*Exact appearance of pattern on pads varies pad-to-pad.

*Snaps may or may not be the same color as pictured.

**Our first priorities are comfort and functionality. Our pads are high quality without being perfectly exact. 

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