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Oswego Leather Wrap

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A tactile and luxe leather handle wrap designed for kitchen appliances and more. Intuitive to install, our leather wrap kit is designed to flexibly coil around bars of any size.

Top features: 

  • Uses high-quality American veg-tan leather that is durable in all the elements (including outdoors!), warm to the touch, and has an outstanding handfeel
  • Cleans easily and will develop a rich patina with age and use
  • Will last a lifetime: can be un-installed and re-installed on new appliances and moved from house to house

Our wrap matches our collection of Leather Drawer Pulls and Cabinet Handles for warm and cohesive look throughout your kitchen, at all the touch points. 

Like our other bar wraps, the Oswego Leather Wrap comes as a kit. You install it yourself on your handles and bars. The simple coil tape design is flexible for any kind of bar or rail dimensions: it can fit around curves, corners, ovalized shapes, and more. 

Using the unique qualities of veg-tan leather, no sticky tape backing is required. This natural leather stays fast in place once installed, yet is able to be transferred from handle to handle over the years.

Connect multiple lengths for longer projects like a handrail or stair banister: Wrap a handrail in leather >>>

Comparing our other kits? Unlike our bicycle bar wraps, the Oswego kit includes:

  • A staple extension system for connecting multiple wraps on extra-long installations, like banisters
  • An optional leather "cuff" for neatly-finished ends
  • One wrap instead of two for customized installations
  • An extra-long wrap specially chosen from the hide's center for maximum length

More tips and tricks on our blog:

SPARE PARTS: Our high quality leather can be uninstalled from one bar and re-installed on another: simply un-wrap and re-install the same way you installed them the first time. Extra staples, double-sided tape (optional) and leather care dressing available in our Parts section. 

COLORS: Natural, Honey, Dark Brown, Black 

MATERIALS: Hand-dyed, American vegetable-tanned leather. Stainless steel leather staples.  

DIMENSIONS: Includes (1) specially-designed, extra-long 1.25" wide straps of leather with beveled edges, at least 80" long. 

The amount of handle this strap can cover depends on: 

  • the circumference of the handle
  • the overlap of the coils during wrapping (we recommend 1/8" to maximize length)

In our experience, this has wrapped a 1" Diameter handle for 30" and a 4.25" Circumference ovalized handle for 24" in length.

How many kits do you need? Use our estimator tool!

If in doubt: order 2 sets: you can always return the unused second one. 

INCLUDES: Included in each purchase is one extra-long strap, two end cuffs,  written instructions, and four staples. Each strap is one single piece of leather.  

INSTALLATION: Includes written installation instructions.
Installation video on our Vimeo channel:

How to Install "Oswego" Leather Handle Wraps from Walnut Studiolo on Vimeo.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Credit to Lindsey Rickert Photography.  

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