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Signet - Password Manager

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Signet is an open source, encrypted hardware password manager. After setting it up, just plug in the device, unlock it with your device password, and then you can log into websites with the click of a button.

It's as easy to use and provides additional security over pure software password managers. It can also store other secrets such as credit cards, a copy of cryptographic keys, or any other small strings of text.

Here's a quick demonstration of what it does and how it is used:

The video is also available here, in case the embedded version above doesn't play in your browser.

The above video isn't intended to teach you how to use a Signet, just tell you about what it can do. There is a getting started guide which shows how to get set up with a new device.

Why use a password manager?
Having unique, long, random passwords for every website is one of the biggest things that individuals can do to help protect themselves online. The Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP) lists using the same password across multiple places as one of the most common ways criminals can take over people's accounts. This is because when one website is compromised and the passwords are leaked, criminals will try that email and password at as many other websites as they can, hoping to be able to gain access to peoples' accounts.

Having a unique password is a simple way to defeat this attack.

What influenced the design?
One of the main themes of this product is that it is as simple as possible. This is true from the design of the electronics using as few parts as possible, to the software being easy to use, and no plans to add on lots of complicated features later.

There are multiple reasons that simplicity is desired:
  1. More secure: the more complicated the device, the more likely it is to have some error in the code or hardware that could cause problems
  2. Easier to use: you don't need to be an IT person to use it
  3. Stable: avoiding the temptation to constantly add new features means you won't be forced to use the product in a different way, or have features taken away from you
Signet does not collect any information about you. It never reports back to any company or developer about what websites you go to or how you use it. It never uploads your passwords to someone else's computer (aka "the cloud"). What is stored in your Signet is yours and yours alone.

Because of this, it's important that you make a backup from time to time in case your Signet is ever lost, stolen, or broken.

The Signet is open source hardware and software, which brings transparency at every level. This means that anyone can look at the design and see what it is doing. This is a huge advantage over corporate solutions where you have to just trust that the company isn't doing anything unexpected behind your back. In an age when Google was caught putting a hidden microphone in their Nest, knowing that someone outside of the manufacturer can inspect the product provides more peace of mind.

Signet is a secure device. There's no back door that allows anyone, even the manufacturer (me) to access your passwords. Even if someone were to obtain your device, they would not be able to get any of your secret data unless they know (or can guess) your device password.

Because of this, its is vital that you never forget your device password. If you do, nobody is going to be able to recover your passwords, including you!

In the event this ever did happen, you would have to go reset your passwords on every single website where you have an account. While your accounts would remain safe until you do, it'd be a huge hassle and it's easily avoidable by just making sure you never forget the device password (and have a backup as mentioned above)!

It's extremely frustrating to get all set up with some technical system that you actually like, only to have the company behind it device that they're going to discontinue it. Google has done this to literally hundreds of their products, and most other companies are no better. They are motivated by profit, have a duty to "maximize shareholder value," and a financial incentive to have people buy new products regularly.

This is another place Signet is different. Because it is all open source, if I ever stopped producing the hardware or maintaining the software, anyone else with the skills required could pick up these tasks and keep it going. In fact, that has already happened once with this project!

In contrast to all the corporations, my motivation is not maximizing profit, but rather to enable people to be secure and self-reliant. Hardware is sold just above cost and the software is given away for free. I want you to buy a second Signet someday because you like it, or want a spare, or are buying a gift for someone, not because you are forced to do so.

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Make sure to back up your device and that you never forget your device password. If either gets lost, you will lose access to whatever was stored in your Signet.
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