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Sweet Harmony Quilt Patterns

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Quilt patterns created with American Jane Sweet Harmony fabrics. Use these patterns with Sweet Harmony fabrics or choose your own fabrics. Pattern only -- fabric not included.

February Favorites
February is a fun month. It has Groundhog Day, Presidents Weekend and Valentines Day is all about love. And then it is all over and on to Spring!

Finished size 42" x 50"

Spectrum of Sound

and Color true
Red green yellow, white
and blue
May joyful harmony win
and through!

Finished size 53" x 53"

Beach Medley
Water toys, sun and sand

A pail and shovel in my hand
Balls and anchors
Boats with sails
Bring to mind Summer tales!

Finished size 42" x 63"

Musical Squares
Eight notes in a octave

and twelve semitones
This quilt uses blocks
made up of 8 different prints
of 12 triangles total
to make musical squares
spinning around
with circles abound!

Finished size 40" x 53"

Strength in Unity
From one to infinity

There is only strength in unity!
In the East a unit is flat,
in the West upright
With patience and ease
you can piece each
to make a beautiful weave!

Finished size 46" x 66"

Sweet Harmony
Sit and sew row by row

And make a setting grow grow grow. Then place this sweet scenery into your new nursery!

Finished size 42" x 64"

Into Accord
Circles in circles,

all in accord
Round and Round neatness
Mighty power is stored
Holding that sweetness
to ever move toward!

Finished size 57" x 57"

To the Nines
To the Nines of Imagination!

To Travel on beams of light
To Enjoy the colors delight
And make something warm, cool and bright!

Finished size 57" x 57"

Constructive Interference

Over, under,
around and through
Left spin right spin,
something new
Working together
forever and ever.

Finished size 57" x 57"

Gnomonic Motion
Motions of lines

of circles and growth
The spiral of growing
into something to see!
The swirls of harmony
of sweetness to be!

Finished size 57" x 57"

In Harmony
From the great to the small

There is a rhythm to it all
In motion there may be
sweet harmony!

Finished size 57" x 57"

Blue Plate Special
Plain and simple
pleases some
To get you started,
make just one
Mix, match, have some fun
Then your
Blue Plate Special
will be done!

Finished size 45" x 59"

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