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Tarot and Oracle Card Reading

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Choose A Reading That Suits You!

  • Single Question

  • Random or Blind Reading

Single Question Reading

Using a combination of tarot and oracle cards, a specific question can be asked (1 question without ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘if’). Please take care in wording your question carefully for best results.
Yes/No/Maybe questions are also welcome!
Examples of good questions: What does my career look like over the next 3 months? Will I be in a new relationship within a year?

We start out with 3 tarot cards and will pull as many clarifiers as needed. Oracle cards may be used and usually come at the end and will range from Tea Leaf Fortune-telling cards to animal cards to my WIP cards.

Random or Blind Reading

No question needed!
This reading is much like the Single Question except we look at one or two messages the Universe wishes you to know right now.

How Long are the Readings?

While the length of readings may vary based on various factors, most readings are at least 150 words long for shorter readings and will run to 3 or more full pages for the full reading, usually longer. I believe in completing the message I receive for you to the best of my ability with as much helpful information as I can give you.


The reading is delivered as a downloadable PDF file. Please allow 2-4 days for delivery to you although I do my best to get your reading to you as soon as I possibly can.

Cards Used May Include:

Lightseers Tarot
Everyday Witches Tarot
A variety of other tarot decks
LeNormand Cards
Tea Leaf Fortune-telling cards
Cards designed by me

Extra Information

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Written Word
Original Design
Please Note Before Purchasing  I do not do any third-party readings. All readings have to be directedly related to you alone, and what you need to know to problem-solve a situation or to move forward in life. All readings are for your enlightenment and entertainment. The tarot reading is a tool much like a weather report. All decisions you make are yours alone. 
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