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Our History and Progress

We launched our Beta marketplace to the public in October 2023 with members-only shops.

It began with a vision for a better alternative following the #EtsyStrike, which took place in April 2022. After another fee increase, 2022 became the year that Etsy crafters started to revolt. By October 2022, we had formed a community on Discord, created an informational website on Wordpress, and announced our plans to the world to build a member-owned handmade marketplace.

In January 2023, we received USDA grant funding from the US Federal of Worker Cooperatives to pay for cooperative development guidance. In March 2023, we were selected for an elite cooperative business accelerator by, which came with $10,000 in seed money. These funds covered the legal costs of incorporation. 

With USFWC and guidance and support, we worked with an attorney to finalize our Ownership Model and Bylaws for cooperative governance, and wrote our critical policies and plans for operations.

On May Day 2023, we officially incorporated as an Oregon cooperative corporation in the State of Oregon, USA! 

To pay for the launch of our marketplace, we designed a reasonable and realistic 5-Stage Funding Plan with help from our cooperative advisors that comes from many sources. To pay for initial website development, we held an initial Capital Campaign through early memberships. We doubled our early membership goal, raising $50,000 between June-July 2023.

Our growing membership guides our direction and operates this marketplace through member patronage activities. In our Polls & Surveys, we document how we've harnessed the collective wisdom of our community to decide on our marketplace priorities and business direction.

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