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Brown lace silk shawl

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Rich brown fine lace silk shawl.  
Roughly 30" unblocked.  
This item will need to be blocked - washed or dampened, stretched out, and pinned - to look it's best. Because of my illness I often find doing this painful, so have decided to start offering items unblocked at a lesser - sometimes significantly so - price than it will be when I am able to do the work. This is something you would need to do in any case if you washed the item, so take advantage of some discounts!

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coop fundraiser item
From a Pattern or Template
This item is unblocked. To see it at it's best you will need to dampen it, then stretch it out and pin it with stainless steel or rust resistent pins. This is no different than you would need to do if you washed it after purchasing when it is blocked. I have no added the cost of that part of the work to the item yet, but will when I am able to do it. Care is hand wash, lay flat and pin out to dry. Cats in home. I cannot guarantee how long the USPS will take to get your package to you, so if you really want to get it by Christmas, I strongly suggest ordering so I can get it out the first week of December. Cats in home
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