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Sliding Scale Reusable Cloth Pad Kit - Grassroots Economic Redistribution Project

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****This listing offers lowered cost reusable pads & liners to folks who experience barriers to access, particularly springing from, but not limited to, the many histories of cultural, economic, institutionalized, relational and other traumatic forms of violence.
If that is you....
**We do not require that you qualify your need to us, nor reiterate your story. 
**We do ask that you read this entire listing, and tell us about your flow needs.**       
Thank you. We appreciate your time. 
Cozy Folk LLC works to support part-time income for two people. We offer free product in-person and to organizations related to public health. 
We ask that folks refrain from utilizing these lower-cost or free options without first having understood how sliding scale requires the spectrum of financial locations/experiences to be represented, and folks with higher levels privileges to participate in giving back.
Perhaps you identify as a “poor college kid” ( but you do not also deal with real economic scarcity or historic trauma), or perhaps you want to choose free “because you can”.....Those notions require further reflection and understanding to know where you may fall on the sliding scale!

--> Some things to consider:
Have your ancestors been systemically prevented from owning homes or having high paying jobs? 
Are you struggling with health and/or trauma that makes it hard to earn money safely? 
Do you have a safety net? 
Do you live-paycheck to paycheck? 
Do you struggle with access to basic needs? 
Are you disabled but haven't been able to get on disability? 
Do you have to rely on others for housing? 
Do you have secure housing? 
Do you have access to growing your own food? 
Do you have income that you can spend on yourself each month? 
How will not having to buy (or buy less) menstrual products affect you in the long run? 
-----> Again it's a SPECTRUM.

YOU, and EVERYONE deserves a comfortable crotch, and reusable pads that honor your expression! We want you to have that and are ready to give it without need for you to explain where you are on the spectrum. Our consumer society has taught us to always go for the cheapest, and think only of our immediate families. Redistribution of wealth and access are a necessary part of building interconnected community---and it works when people are honest, non-judgemental, reflective, and aware of others/society <3
****For reference, a 5 pad pack of our resuables retails at about $60, and the pads last for many years.***** It's been said that the average menstruator spends $100-$250 per year on disposable products. 
Thank you for reading. 
Reach out if you have any questions and look at our shop/other listings for more detailed info on what sizes, absorbency levels, and fabric styles you want! 
Please check us out/send your friends to us on Instagram & Facebook @cozyfolk & tell your community!

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C. (Alaska, United States)

Thank you so much for making these.