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These cards are beautiful! I love the inspiration and can’t wait to use them. Thank you for the precious pouch as well!

Travel Dice

What an awesome tiny travel game. My daughter will love this! As a keychain, it can go with her all the time. Love it and love the quality!

Bourse de dés
Y.P. (Pays de la Loire, France)
parfait 👍

J'ai été directement en contact avec l'artisan pour une commande en particulier. Et tout c'est bien passé, il a répondu à mes attentes.
Je le recommande.

Celestial Soft Cover Mixed Media Sketchbook
R.D.A. (Florida, United States)
Beautiful sketchbook

I love my sketchbooks (I bought 3 with different covers!), I've been using them to write down my ideas as I work on a new album and they always keep me inspired to create!

My mother liked it

I haven't seen the earrings in person, but they looked cool on the website and my mother says she likes them.

Wool Felted Soap Bars
Anonymous (North Carolina, United States)

Love the smell, and use of no palm oil (look this up if you care about the rainforests!) and after many uses it's still in a pretty big block. The wool is a genius idea, very exfoliating.

Thank you so much for making these.

SOLD -- Autumn Leaves Pendant
J. (Illinois, United States)
There's a Story Here

Looking deep into the glass of this pendant, I can see walking trails in the autumn, trees bare of leaves, golden leaves underfoot. The trail switchback leads upward into a place yet unknown. This pendant is a storyteller. It's perfect for wearing with autumn-colored clothing. A treasure.

SOLD -- Ocean Trench Pendant
J. (Illinois, United States)
Eye-catching Pendant

This pendant sparks almost every color I wear, so it's a go-to piece of jewelry that I'm happy to have in my collection. Love it!

gender as a proxy variable print zine
O.P. (Vermont, United States)
great, informative zine

I'm someone who will get practically anything related to gender, but I was pleasantly surprised at the usefulness of this zine particularly related to those that work on web stuff. though, those that don't have a connection to that will still learn something about how user-faced systems shape our understanding of identity.

squash print
O.P. (Vermont, United States)

a beautiful print - particularly as a fan of squares, printmaking, and the colors used! I got one of the test prints and, honestly, I'm still gonna frame it and treat it like the piece of art that it is.

xacto blade sheath
O.P. (Vermont, United States)

If you've ever struggled with an xacto knife whose included cap constantly falls off, this feels like a godsend. It's thoughtfully made and came quickly. always gonna have one of these for now on!

Gamer Themed Earrings
J. (California, United States)
Charming earrings!

So cute, and packaged with a very sweet note. 10/10, would buy again <3

Creature - Garden Snail
NJGR (North Dakota, United States)
Adorable and sweet

This adorable snail shipped and arrived much faster than you'd expect from a snail! It's much more cute in person than it appears online in the pictures. I now have it on a shelf behind me each day as I work, and I've already had comments on where I got it! :) Thanks so much!

pottery soap dish - 2-piece ceramic sponge holder
G.L. (Massachusetts, United States)
Amazing soap dish!

Just as described, looks and feels amazing, and it works great!!

Plushie Rainbow Umbrella Octopus
Z.B. (Iowa, United States)

Got here at a perfectly reasonable timeline and is high quality. Currently sits on top of my desk keeping me company while I write papers.

Creature Beanie - Octopus
W.S. (Oregon, United States)
He loves his beanie!

I asked for custom yarn colors and Joan was a delight to work with. I chose inky depths blue for the background and a sparkly white for the octopus. It was a perfect Christmas gift!

They were OK, not very aggresive, I should have gotten the coarse grain. My mistake.

Maker's Apron
W.S. (Oregon, United States)
Love my apron!

The pleats are such a clever innovation for being able to use my apron like pants for active work in the garden, and the variety of size of pockets is perfectly utilitarian. The linen is soft and and lovely to touch.

Duality Reversible Linen Apron
S. (Wisconsin, United States)
Best Apron I've Owned!

I ordered this apron to replace my old worn out one. I'm so happy I did. This far surpassed my expectations! I love it! Great workmanship and quality materials.

Good work. Great gift!

My partner lives these earrings. They're well made and look great.

SOLD--maple leaf plate
C.S. (Arizona, United States)
Creative, Natural Plate

Beautiful shape and color. Love it!

SOLD--tomato vine soup bowl
N.C. (Washington, United States)

Looks even better (!) in real life!! Beautiful bowl - great size for serving !

SOLD -- Violet Cuff
J. (Ohio, United States)
Stunning and Comfortable Cuff!

I took a chance on this cuff for the beauty of the fused dichroic violet glass as wearing anything on my wrist often bothers me. I don't even wear a watch. The Violet Cuff arrived FAST, securely packaged, and the cuff came in a sturdy black box hugging a black display pillow. I immediately put it on, adjusted it, and after admiring it in different lights (it's mesmerizing in sunlight!), I went on with my day. The fit, weight, and design are so unobtrusive on my wrist that I forgot that I was wearing it! Thank you, Sara, for a cuff that is beautiful and I can enjoy wearing!